About The Video Tutorials

About the Tutorials:

  • After learning a trick you can mark it as completed and it automatically moves to the next trick. U can always pause and read the annotations. 
  • Each tutorial is named for easier access and maximum benefit for participants from all levels. If you’re interested in learning specific tricks you can quickly find them instead of going through the videos. 
  • Each video starts with its name written and a demonstration of the trick.
  • Written explanations (annotations and movement traces) with slowed down videos and close up’s where needed and different angles. 
  • Dos and don’ts if needed. I point out what to avoid or why the trick won’t work.
  • Drilling, I show you how to train for it but of course you have to do everything in the drilling section for much longer.

Choice of music:
Everything you need to know is written in the annotations and demonstrated , so if you feel like the music is distracting your learning you can easily mute the video and even play a different playlist of your own in the background while watching! But for the ones who like my taste in music, I got you :) I’m using the songs and playlists I usually listen to and that inspire me the most to flow. It’s a mix of Rock, psychedelic Rock, progressive rock, progressive metal, I will definitely add some other genres I like and soon add playlists for you to have access to. You will find the track ID under each video.

Comment section:
You can use the comment section to leave a feedback or ask me a question and i will reply to you.

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