About The Program

Welcome To Mastering Circles!

Hello and welcome!
I’m Yara and I will be your guide through this journey :)

Being self-taught, i couldn't find any source that taught me everything i needed and in the right order. Everything in this program is carefully designed to save you time and help you reach your goal faster and smarter. Mastering Circles is a full hoop program divided into multiple courses that contain everything you need to know about hooping and flow.

The program won’t only teach you how to be a pro hooper and flow artist but it will also help you become great at picking up new skills fast.

Hulahooping is a hobby, flowarts is a lifestyle.

Each one of us has his own flow that is unique and different, stay true and connected to yourself and I shall help you find your flow and become a flow goddess that inspires many. 

About the courses:
There are 3 main courses; each one of them has many sections that cover all the hula hoop tricks.

Main courses are: Beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
The beginner course has 4 sections with more than 60 tricks.
The intermediate and advanced courses have more sections, for specific tricks like chest rolls where you will find variations matching the level.

An hour long and more of drilling sessions, where we practice tricks together showing you the right way to train for them in order to master them; ways to progressively add speed, play with speed and add body movements.

Combo and transition:
Endless possibilities with the tricks you’ve learned. You’re not just going to learn combination of tricks but also how to create them. This helps you create and find your flow. By training and changing your perception on the tricks, you will feel more connected with the hoop and your body. The tricks will become a tool for you to flow and move. 

This program is huge and will get you to your maximum capacity and it’s a one-man show so bare with me and I won’t fail you. I will keep on uploading and creating <3

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