Hi, I’m Yara

A fine artist, flow artist and fire performer.

I have been teaching flow arts since 2019 in festivals, dance/yoga studios and circus schools around the world. My classes are a mix of hula hoop tricks and flow techniques.

I’m here to help you balance between discipline and surrender to find your flow.

What is Mastering Circles?

Everything you need to know about hooping and finding your flow.

Master the art of hooping and become your own teacher with Mastering Circles; the full featured program carefully put together to bring out the hula-hoop wizard in you.


PhD Candidate in Sociology, Head of Product Management

"Yara's teaching is simply outstanding. I’ve taken 3 months of private sessions with her, she has incredible pedagogical skills. She's not only such an inspiring dancer, but also has developped a unique way of teaching and breaking down the skills necessary to improve at hooping. It's very rare for me to find such a talented teacher who also has a dancing style I admire. Overall the classes were the highlights of my week - if you’re thinking about learning with her, don’t think twice."


Therapist for Special Needs, Flow Artist

"Yara's approach makes

the trick easy to be done,

she puts lots of effort to make you reach your goal,

she has flexible strategies and different styles to suits everyone. In addition, she

spent looooots of hours practicing, and you'll definitely benefit from her



Owner and Creator of Ambarees, Food Stylist

"I started hooping during the most critical time in my life and it became a therapeutical activity rather than a flow hobby! Although I never believed in online teaching, Yara made sure every trick, every movement is clearly explained in a way that it became very easy to unlock the technique. It takes a very simple detail to let you reach the right trick and Yara makes sure to give you exactly that! It’s part of my lifestyle now ♥️"